The beginning: Iceland

(Drum roll)… heeeeere it is! The blog is live and kicking – all that remains now is for me to write something interesting. Could happen any time now.

The trip has begun with an extremely short but sweet visit to Iceland before cracking on towards Vancouver this evening. This has included doing a not entirely uncomfortable overnight stint in Keflavik Int’l Airport (for logistical reasons this was a better option than trekking to the booked hostel in the wee hours), speaking to some lovely Germans, Russians and Americans, soaking up the delights of the Blue Lagoon (including a DIY facial which has made my cheeks as smooth as an Icelandic baby’s botty) taking some variably successful photos, and finally, finding myself a big squishy sofa in the corner of the airport from which to bring this blog into being. Not bad for 15 hours!

Updates from Vancouver coming soon 🙂 For now though, it’s back to listening to sing-songy Icelandic kids tear around the terminal – fortunately, their accents are just too cute to be annoying!

Katrina x x x