Lotus Pocus and other stories

Happy Sunday everyone!

Blog update time again. This one comes to you from the same tatami table whence the previous post emerged. Between then and now, I think my heart rate has dropped by about half as I have fallen deeper and deeper into step with countryside languor. That said, I’d say my usual writing output has increased at least five-fold and, most pleasingly, my Japanese language knowledge is now permitting me to discuss my friends, family and future plans in quite some detail. Amazing what can happen in a week eh!

Basically, I’ve spent the week having lots of lovely experiences then coming back here and writing about them in exchange for food and a futon. Suited me down to the ground, as you can imagine! And before I leave this bucolic idyll tomorrow, I thought I’d share with you a handful of the week’s scribblings (click on the titles below), which will eventually feature on the family’s nascent tourism business website. Feel free to peruse at your leisure 🙂

Discovering Ottobatake


Shodō 101: a brush with calligraphy


When is a temple not a temple? When it’s a shrine.


Ottobatake okonomiyaki


Lotus Pocus


Off to pack now poppets. Updates from the road soon! Leaving you with the news that Japan has reached new levels of bonkers with its ice cream flavours – see below. Generally quite disturbed.


Flavours left to right: oyster, clam, miso-ramen, abalone (sea snail)


Flavours left to right: burdock root, Sendai beef, beef tongue

Get your hypothetical taste buds around that lot! Try not to barf.

Love love love x x x x x



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